titanic belfast

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why belfast? 

I had only one morning in Belfast, Northern Ireland, when our Carnival Pride cruise ship docked there for the day.  So, I decided to go to Titanic Belfast, the Titanic Museum.

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The museum tells the story of the titanic, its crew and passengers, and the disaster itself, in a fascinating and very relatable way.

titanic belfast

not just the titanic 

This is not a museum solely dedicated to the Titanic, though, and it presents the broad historical context in which Titanic and other liners like her were built and operated. 

For example, some of the exhibitions tell you about the daily life of the people who worked at the Belfast shipyards, where the Titanic was built.

Others tell you about the people who decided to take a cross-Atlantic voyage, looking for better life in America.  You’ll get to hear about the life of the rich and poor, see why and how they traveled and what happened to them.

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A whole morning was not enough, this museum worth a whole day visit. Highly recommended.

fascinating visit


At the souvenir shop of the Titanic Belfast, I got a book. Not the most relaxing read for the rest of my North Atlantic voyage, but I just had to buy it.

ss nomadic 

If you visit this museum, you should also visit the SS Nomadic, which is just across the road. This was Titanic’s tender ship, helping to get passengers from the Cherbourg harbour, since the Titanic was too large to dock there. 

Nomadic continued to operate in France and served some roles during the two world wars.  Way later, in the 1980s, she was converted to a floating restaurant.  Since 2009 the Nomadic is back to her birthplace of Belfast. She is now restored and serving as a museum.