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Repurpose Content: YouTube to TikTok

Repurpose your content

This is how you can repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

The Problem

Ever since I started creating my wildlife videos, I've faced the same problem: How can I create content for several social media platforms without doubling or tripling my workload?

The Problem

When I started publishing my content as long form YouTube videos, a bit more than a year ago, this question really bothered me. 

The Problem

Should I directly shoot a vertical video in the field as well, and edit it, too? That's way too much work.

The Solution

Then, I found This tool allows you to automatically publish content from one platform to another.  With you can set up workflows to best satisfy your content repurposing needs.

Set up your workflow

Now, for instance, you can easily edit your original landscape format videos into vertical mode in the YouTube app and publish them as shorts. With  they can be automatically published as TikToks and Reels as well. 

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