Make A Birthday Cake for your Cat

It's Rocky the birman cat's birthday and I decided to make him a delicious birthday cake.  Wanna try? Follow the instructions.

Supplies  I get my cat food supplies from a local pet supply store or order them from Amazon.

1 Make the Cake Use a can of wet food as the “cake”. Take it out with a knife to keep its (sort of) round shape.

2 Put a Candle  Use a cat dental stick or other piece of long snack as candle/s.

3 Add Cake Decorations Add your cat's favorite snakes as decorations. My cat loves freeze-dried shrimp and dry snacks. 

4 Add the Sauce I added a bit of cat milk as a sauce. If your cat likes any other sauce, for instance, from a wet food can, use it instead.

5 Serve Happy birthday, Rocky!

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