How to Find A Lost Cat

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Tips, ideas, leads, and suggestions that might be useful if your cat goes missing

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1   Search the area

Around the area where your cat went missing: bring smelly treats, call your cat name.  At night, use a flashlight, as cat's eyes glare in the dark.

2   Scent trails

If your cat escaped from home, leave their litter box, food, and toys outside. The scent might draw them back home.

3   Ask for help

Inform vets and animal shelters in your area. Let the neighbors know.  Publish missing ads. Use social media. Offering a prize might motivate people help.

4   Trail camera

Use a trail camera to find your cat if you suspect they're hiding in a given area.

5   Trail dogs 

Trail dogs might work in specific cases, but in general, they are more useful in finding missing dogs.

6   Don't lose hope

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