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Why Does Your Cat Need A  Tree?

Every feline needs a tree. Well, at least one. Cats love high places, as they offer them a safe space away from all the daily commotion.

Why Does Your Cat Need A  Tree?

Trees allow your kitty to scratch, imitating what they would do in the wild. By scratching, cats stretch their muscles, sharpen their claws and mark their territory.

Why Does Your Cat Need A  Tree?

So, instead of scratching and ruining your new sofa, let your cat do it to their own furniture. 

Size And Location

Larger cats, such as Maine coon, naturally require larger trees. However, even for smaller breeds, a larger tree is better than a smaller one.  If you place a large tree near a window, make sure the cat can't get out.

Where To Buy It?


Amazon has a huge variety of trees and towers. Swipe up to see my the top rated trees. 

Happy and Polly

This is an online store that sells pet supplies and accessories, and they have the most unique cat trees I've ever seen. Swipe up for more.

Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw have modern style cat trees and other furniture, inspired by Scandinavian and mid-century design. Swipe up for more.

Majestic Pet Products 

Majestic Pet Products have two kinds of trees: traditional trees, covered with faux fur with sisal rope posts, and modern ones.   Swipe up for more.

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