The Best Cat Toys  For Bored Cat

What are the best cat toys? I asked my cats, and we made up a list of cat toys on Amazon.

Jackson Galaxy Air Wand   My cats' favorite toy is this feather toy. They love stalking, pouncing, and catching this little feathery prey.

Jackson Galaxy Floor Wand   There's also find a floor wand, which aims to mimic ground prey.

Flopping Fish Toy  This fish toy wiggles when the cat touches it. USB charged.

Other Kickers Watch how your cat's insticts kick in.

Catit Senses Interactive Cat Toy Create a playground for your cat using a circuit with a rolling ball.

Catit Senses Interactive Cat Toy You can add additional Catit product (such as grass plant), to make this a real cat paradise.

Catnip Toys Get a small catnip mouse or a larger toy. There's a huge variety.

Trixie Cat Activity Feeder A mixture between a toy and a feeder. An activity feeder makes the feeding slower and more stimulating.

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