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Carnival Cruise: On a Cruise Ship to Amazing Iceland

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My first time on a cruise ship! I took a Carnival Cruise ship to Iceland. Read this post to join my European voyage.

Carnival Cruise to Iceland

My original plan for the summer was taking a Mediterranean cruise with my family. Things didn’t work out, thought, and so we looked for an alternative route. We found that Carnival Cruise Line was offering cruises from England to Iceland. So we took it!

Below, you see the full itinerary of this 12-day cruise. Click the links to go to the blog post or YouTube video about the specific location.

Sailing From Dover

Here is a quick overview of Dover port and the Carnival Pride. Check out videos from my Carnival cruise port excursions in this playlist.

If you want to check out current itineraries and prices for this, or other, cruises, check out the Carnival Cruise website here.

In the following weeks, I will share more details about the excursions we had in each shore. If you would like to join my voyage, make sure to follow me here and on social media.

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My First Time on A Cruise Ship

This was my first cruise ever, actually, and I had a very nice experience. It’s true that by taking a cruise you don’t get to see as much as you would if you stayed in your destination overnight. However, the ease of travel between destination makes this kind of vacation a more relaxing one. And, as you’ll see in my next posts, we did get to see quite a lot.

We were aboard a lovely cruise ship, the Carnival Pride (read about the ship here). We took the cheapest room – interior, no window – but it was nice and comfortable. The public areas, lounges, lobbies, cafés, offered enough room for reading, relaxing, and other activities that the small room could not.

Carnival Cruise ship to Iceland

Books and Movies for the Road

Every time I plan a flight or a long train ride, I also make sure I have enough entertainment for the road. In this new corner here in my blog, I will share my brief reviews of movies and books I’ve recently watched and read.

This time, Boyhood (2014) with my new celebrity crush, Ethan Hawke.

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Here’s my review on Instagram.

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