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Mute Swan Family (And Other Spring Birds)


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It’s time to go to the park and watch the spring birds and their babies. Mute swan, Canada goose and goslings, and more.

Let’s Go To The Park

The spring has already begun and only now I finally got the chance to go to the park and watch some birds. It was worth it.

Watch this video to see more:

Different Seasons

You might find it weird, but only since I started my birdwatching and photography hobby have I noticed – I mean, REALLY noticed – how beautifully nature changes throughout the year. The color palette changes, the animal behavior changes, the overall mood changes. The spring is not necessarily my favorite season – I prefer extremes (that’s why I love both snowy mountains and the desert so much) but it’s gorgeous nonetheless. The two best things about spring are the beautiful colors and the spring babies.

This year, I was pre-occupied with other things, when I realized that April came and went, and I still haven’t paid a visit to the park’s birds to watch the newly hatched babies. That’s not good, I thought, if I wait too long they might turn up to be not-as-cute-large-pooping-machines like their parents. So, as usual, I grabbed my Nikon birdwatching camera, put a nice horror audiobook (after watching The Black Phone I’m now checking out Joe Hill who wrote the story) and went for a walk in the park.

As always, it was worth it. I met a cute mute swan family with fluffy babies that somehow reminded me of my cat Rocky. I saw some Canada geese and goslings, and had a pleasant, relaxing time with birds and giant crickets (if you know, you know).

Spring Birds Photo Gallery

Even More Colorful Birds

Speaking of different seasons and colors, I have a new bird photography book featuring my favorite colorful park birds. Check it out on Amazon (if you’re not from the US, click to be redirected to your local Amazon website). Also, I have some coloring books for kids and adults coming up soon, so you should definitely visit my page and follow me. See you next time!


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