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My Bird Close-Ups Photo Gallery (And New Bird Book!)


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Do you like birds? If so, let’s get closer to these beautiful creatures for some bird close-ups. Also, check out my new bird photography book!

New Bird Photography Book

If you want to see bird close-up photography or just birds doing bird stuff, check out my new book on bird photography, and, as always, visit my YouTube channel.

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them

For me, photographing birds started as a pandemic hobby. When there was nothing else to do, all the cafés and restaurants were closed, at least I could go out to the park and watch the birds. Around the same time, I also started bird watching from home with my cat, Magenta. I still remember how surprised I was to find out how many birds you can actually find out there. Yes, even if you live in a crowded area like I do.

Living in an urban area in Germany, I see plenty of common waterbirds in the parks (ducks, swans, geese, sometimes herons) and many passerines (tits, goldfinches, robins). Once I spotted a kestrel near the Rhine river and was delighted, but this never happened again since.

I’d love to hear from you: Do you also enjoy watching birds (or other animals)? If so, what are the common birds you see around you?

Bird Close-Ups Photo Gallery

Of all bird photography, I like bird close-ups the most (read more about my photography gear here). Perhaps that’s because I am not skilled enough to catch them mid-flight? Hmm. Maybe. But anyway, you have to admit they look pretty cute up close. Sometimes extremely judgmental, but always cute. Here are a few examples.

See you on my next post!


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