Happy easter, happy passover spring playlist 2023

Music for Spring: Happy Easter, Happy Passover!


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Springtime is here! Enjoy this playlist of music for the spring with beautiful wildlife footage. Happy Easter and/or Happy Passover, everyone!

Music for the Spring

Springtime is here, and the wildlife is awakening. This cheerful one-hour Easter music playlist features beautiful animals: deer, wild cats, ducks, swans, geese, and more. Most of the footage was taken in Germany, but some parts are from Italy. Follow the cards in the video if you want to see my other nature and travel content.

I hope you enjoy this spring playlist.

I do not celebrate Easter, but I do celebrate Passover. This year, I will be celebrating Passover at home. I watch The Prince of Egypt (or at least parts of it) every year, but this time I might opt for a real oldie, The Ten Commandments (1956).

Have a Happy Easter and/or Happy Passover!

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