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Best Cat Trees: Cat Tree Ideas 2023

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Find the best cat tree ideas in 2023 for large cats, small kitties, and kittens. Here are some ideas on where to buy your cat tree online.

Why Does Your Cat Need A Tree

Cat trees, or towers, are furniture made just for yout kitty. They include at least two levels, and, depending on their size and design, might include open shelves, caves, or hammocks. Many trees are covered in plush or other textile, and most of them include scratching posts made of sisal rope.

Every feline needs a tree. Well, at least one. Cats love high places, as they offer them a safe space away from all the commotion caused by adult humans, toddlers, and maybe other pets, such as dogs. Like the little leopards that they are, cats observe their kingdom from up above, and decided if—and when—they want to come back down.

Trees also allow your kitty to scratch, imitating what they would do in the wild, such as scratching barks. By scratching, cats stretch their muscles, sharpen their claws (reminder: NEVER declaw your cat!) and mark their territory. So, instead of scratching and ruining your new sofa, let your cat do it to their own furniture. Therefore, getting this item is a major part in catifying your house.

But how to choose the best one?

Cat Tree Ideas

Larger cats, such as Maine coon, naturally require larger trees. However, even for smaller breeds, a larger tree is better than a smaller one. When I just got my kitty Magenta, she was a tiny kitten, and I made the mistake of buying her a really small tree/scratcher. She soon outgrew it, of course, and I needed to buy another one. Now we have several trees of different sizes and designs, from medium-sized to ceiling-high, and my (now two) felines seem to like it.

Please pay attention : If you buy a ceiling-high tree and want to place it near the window (a great location for bird watching), make sure the window is shut so that your kitty won’t be able to get out. Some windows (for instance in Germany, where I live) can be partially opened, leaving a slit on the upper side, closer to the ceiling. So please, make sure you check.

More Ideas For Your Cat

Where To Buy Cat Trees in 2023

Local Shop

Buying your products from a local pet supply shop has many advantages. This will give you the opportunity of seeing the items on display, giving you a real sense of how it looks like, how sturdy it is, the actual color and so on. Sometimes, these features are hard to determine when you order online. This way, you can also compare products easily. However, trees and towers can be rather large and heavy, which can be a problem if you go shopping by yourself. Luckily, however, there are endless online alternatives.


Amazon has a huge variety of trees and towers. Here are several examples, all rated above 4 stars:

Happy And Polly

I recently came across the website of Happy and Polly. This is an online store that sells pet supplies and accessories, and they have the most unique cat trees I’ve ever seen. Click here or on the photo bellow to see more:

Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw have modern style cat trees and other furniture, inspired by Scandinavian and mid-century design. Yes, their products are on the expensive side, but with their clean design, you wouldn’t have any difficulty placing them anywhere in your house. Check out their products here.

Tuft + Paw

Majestic Pet Products

Majestic Pet Products offer custom pet beds, cat trees, pet stairs, dog crates, pet gates and more. They have two kinds of trees: traditional trees, covered with faux fur with sisal rope posts, and modern ones. You can find their cat trees here.

Click the banner to see their products.

More Shopping Ideas for 2023

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