Nature Walk In Düsseldorf, Germany


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Looking for a nature walk in Düsseldorf, Germany, when the weather is freezing? Go to Wildpark Düsseldorf Grafenberger Wald and feed the deer!

Nature Walk in the Düsseldorf Forest

Wildpark Grafenberger Wald in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a beautiful place all year round (as I’ve already written in my post about Düsseldorf Wildpark). So, when the temperatures dropped to a freezing -7 °C and all plants and surfaces became white with frost—not much snow though—I decided to set my inner German free. Instead of sitting in front of Netflix watching another true crime, I packed my camera bag and went out to the forest first thing in the morning.

It was fun!

The forest was pretty empty, and so was the Wildpark. It was cold, but most of the time bearable. Only when I took my hands out of my pockets and started filming did I really feel how cold it was. At some points it got really painful, so I took frequent breaks. Still, it was worth it.

Here is my way walking through the forest:

And this is when I got to the Wildpark.

As usual, I fed the boars and the deer and got some nice shots.

Look how cute this deer is!

Winter in Grafenberger Wald – Photo Gallery

Do You Miss Warmer Weather?

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