Birdwatching In Germany: Birds on Ice


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December has been freezing cold in Germany, so I decided to go birdwatching and see how my favorite birds deal with this weather.

Birdwatching In Germany in the Winter

Last week has been terribly cold in Germany, with the coldest day being around -7° Celsius (19.5° Fahrenheit) in Düsseldorf, where I live. So, I did the reasonable thing, and went outside. Unfortunately, unlike other parts of Germany, we did not have snow. However, the water partially froze in the park’s pond, and I got some of my favorite birds on ice.

Here you can see some black headed gulls and mute swans having fun in the freezing sun. I also had fun, until my hands froze, then I decided to stop at the Christmas market for some tasty snacks (Fried fish and then Churros) and went back home.

Winter Birds In Germany

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