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Discover the Best Cat Toys on Amazon 2023

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What are the best interactive cat toys on Amazon in 2023? I asked my cats, and together we made a list. Here are our choice of the best cat toys on Amazon (and other places). Great for indoor cats, older cats, and kittens.

Best Cat Toys on Amazon 2023

Jackson Galaxy Air Wand

By far my cats’ favorite toy is this feather toy. They love stalking, pouncing, and catching this little feathery prey as I move it around the house, under furniture and on the cat tree, using the rod. The feather toy can be adjusted to different lengths and is retractable. The latter is very important not only to ease its storage, but also to prevent your cat from damaging the toy when you’re not playing with it (but in any case: store your toys when not in use!). You can also find a floor wand, which aims to mimic ground prey, which cats also love.

Flopping Fish Toy or Other Kickers

If you’re looking for interactive cat toys that move, this one is for you. There is a gigantic variety, but they all have pretty much the same concept. For example: A flopping fish toy that wiggles when the cat touches it. This toy is charged by USB, so if you can’t be bothered with making sure it’s charged, just get another kicker like this one, which does not move (but also does not need electricity). Your cat might need a reminder, occasionally, on how it works, but once her instincts kick in, she will be kicking this thing like there’s no tomorrow.

Catit Senses Interactive Cat Toy

Create a playground for your cat using a circuit with a rolling ball. You can buy one or multiple circuits and make this track as long as you’d like. You can add additional Catit product (such as grass plant, activity feeder, or wellness center), to make this a real cat paradise. I recommend changing the structure of the circuit every now and then to keep the cats intrigued.

Catnip Toys

There’s a huge variety here too. Get a small catnip mouse or a larger toy. I also found this knife toy and found the design hilarious. Cats are attracted to catnip so yours too will probably like such a toy, but make sure you choose something that suits your cat’s other preferences, such as in texture (feathers, fur), sound and so on.

Trixie Cat Activity Feeder

Well, this is a mixture between a toy and a feeder. An activity feeder makes the feeding time more interesting as your cat has to eat his food bit by bit, find it in hidden spots or between obstacles, instead of just eating it all at once from the food ball.

More Recommendations

For more Amazon recommendations on the best interactive cat toys for bored indoor cats, check out my up-to-date list of products here.

best cat toys on amazon

Happy And Polly

Happy and Polly sell cat toys with a wonderful, unique design. You can find their products here. In addition, they have cat trees, fountains, and other products. Check out their site by clicking the banner below.

Pinterest And Do it Yourself

Sometimes, cats prefer the simplest toys and games, so try making some yourself, using the commercial toys above as inspiration. Make sure you’re using safe materials, such as toilet rolls, boxes, or old cloths. Like all toys, make sure you store potentially harmful toys when you’re not using them. For instance, you should hide anything with a string that can be chewed. Here are some ideas on Pinterest.

Best cat toys on amazon

More Ideas For Bored Indoor Cats

If you want more cat tips, read my posts about cat treats and birthday cake for cats. I think you’ll also like Cat TV – Bird videos for cats. Cat TV is a great idea for indoor cats. And of course, check out this book by Jackson Galaxy.

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