homemade birthday cake for cats

How To Make A Birthday Cake For Cats: Homemade Recipe

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How to make a birthday cake for cats? Here’s a lazy way to make homemade cake for cats, and your cats will love eating it.

This week, at the end of October, we celebrated our birman cat Rocky’s first birthday. As a special treat, I decided to make him a delicious birthday cake. If you want to make one for your cake, It’s very easy. Just follow the instructions below:

How to Make a Birthday Cake for Cats

Time needed: 5 minutes

Homemade Birthday Cake for Cats

I get my cat food supplies from a local pet supply store or order them from Amazon.

  1. Make the Cake

    Use a can of wet food as the “cake”. Take it out with a knife to keep its round shape. It did not work perfectly for me, but it’s close enough.
    homemade cakes for cats

  2. Put a Candle

    Use a cat dental stick or other piece of long snack as candle/s.
    birthday cake for cats to eat

  3. Add Cake Decorations

    Add your cat’s favorite snakes as decorations. My cat loves freeze-dried shrimp and dry snacks.
    birthday cake for cats to eat

  4. Add the Sauce

    I added a bit of cat milk as a sauce. If your cat likes any other sauce, for instance, from a wet food can, use it instead.
    homemade cakes for cats

  5. Serve it to Your Cat

    Happy birthday, kitty!
    Happy birthday Cat! Make a birthday cake for your cat

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