Feeding Ball Python (And Other Pet Snakes)

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My niece has several snakes, and she showed me their feeding time routine. I helped her to feed a ball python and other pet snakes.

Feeding a Ball Python

All of my niece’s pet snakes are used to eating frozen/thawed food, and since each of them require a mouse or rat in a different size, it makes their feeding easier to handle.

For me, this was the first time in many years since I held a snake, and the first time ever feeding a ball python, so I got really excited.

Pet Snakes

Here are the snakes that she got. The ball python was the most impressive, but the hognose snake was my favorite. It’s so cute!

Butter corn snake:

feeding a ball python and other pet snakes images

Brazilian rainbow boa:

feeding a ball python and other pet snakes

Hognose snake:

Snake feeding: hognose snake

Ball python:

Snake feeding: ball python

Learn More about Snakes

If you want to learn more about pythons and snakes in general, check out these resources:

  1. Reptiles and Research on YouTube.
  2. Snake Discovery on YouTube.
  3. Animals at Home on YouTube.
  4. Petsmart snake care guide.

Other Animals

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