Moon zoom with Nikon P950

Beautiful Moon Zoom Results with Nikon Superzoom Camera

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Nikon P950 is a superzoom camera and has a moon zoom mode. Check out my full moon photography and other photos.

Moon Zoom with a Superzoom Camera

Here is a video I took on the beach of Haifa, Israel. I just got off the train with all my luggage and waited for a taxi. Then I noticed the beautiful full moon and had to take a shot, even though I did not have my tripod with me. Here is my full moon photography result.

As you can see, the video is not very stable because of the lack of tripod, but I was still very impressed.

My earlier attempt to zoom in on the moon was way worse. I tried filming from a hotel room near Lake Como, Italy, and did not have enough room for a tripod for my camera. Have a look on this shaky zoom (sorry!):

Nikon P950: Skies and Moon Zoom

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