Learn About The Migration Of Birds In Eilat Ornithological Park


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Eilat, Israel, is the place to go if you want to watch and learn about the migration of birds. I visited Eilat Ornithological Park in late August, and came back with some recommendations.

Why is Israel Important for Bird Migration?

Israel is the land bridge between Asia, Europe, and Africa. Eilat, in particular, is in the path of millions of birds during the migration seasons. It is also their last fueling station before the arid Sahara Desert.

Learn About The Migration Of Birds

The International Birding and Research Center in Eilat is thus a major birding cite in Israel. In addition, it’s a conservation, research, and education center.

The park itself offers walking trails and comfortable shaded spots, invaluable resources in the blazing Eilat sun. The entrance is free and the gates are always open. You can come for a brief visit of 1-2 hours, but if you go there in a good time (during migration season), you can easily spend there a few hours.

Birding center in Israel. Information about bird migration.

When Should I Visit Eilat Ornithological Park

The best time to visit are the migration seasons during spring (March until mid-May) and autumn (September until November). The time of day is also important: Don’t come at or around noon, when it’s too hot for both you and the animals. Early morning or late afternoon are better.

Eilat Ornithological Park

What Can I See There?

In the park you’ll see a variety of local and migratory birds. More than 480 species were recorded in Eilat, so make sure you visit during the season. Depending on the time of year, you can see a variety of passerines, waterbirds, and birds of prey. Check out this link to see the migratory species by season.

I, actually, came to the park at an awful time: Mid-August and midday. This was the only time I could visit before coming back home to Germany. But still, it was worth the visit and I came back with some beautiful photos to prove it.

Below you can see (in order): black-winged stilt, slender-billed gull, and spur-winged lapwing. I also saw a dragonfly.

Learn about the migration of birds in Eilat Ornithological Park
Birding center in Eilat, Israel. Information about bird migration.
Learn about the migration of birds in Eilat Ornithological Park

What Else Can I Do In Eilat?

If you’re looking for other things to do in Eilat, try the Botanical Garden or the Underwater Observatory.

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