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Becoming A Content Creator on YouTube? Find Your Tools!


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If you’re becoming a content creator on YouTube (or other platforms), here are content creation tools, and ideas.

Content Creator Tool Ideas for YouTube

Filmora Wondershare

I use Filmora Wondershare for editing long-form videos for YouTube, but it can be used for other platforms, too. In Filmora you can edit, rotate, crop and split your videos, add effects, subtitles, text to speech, and more. 4K editing support. Try it here.

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Epidemic Sound

For music and sound effects, which is extremely useful for YouTube content creators. I use Epidemic Sound for my YouTube videos, but it can be used for other content as well. There are so many options and I always find there what I need: Jazz music, ambient, sound effects for my timer videos, and so on. Click for a 30-day free trial.

EPIDEMIC SOUND content creation social media examples


Content creator tool for graphic design. I use it mainly for my YouTube templates and merch design, but you can use it for so many other purposes: Instagram stories, Pinterest pins, Facebook. Canva has many tools for creating a professional look to your designs: brand kit, background remover, and more. This content creation tool has a free version. Try here.

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The best YouTube content creator tool. VidIQ is a great tool for YouTube keyword research and SEO. You can do keyword research, get daily ideas for content, analyze your results, compare to your competitions, and more. Try VidIQ here.

becoming a content creator on youtube

One of my favorite content creator tools. This is an automated tool for repurposing content across platforms, for instance, from TikTok to YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels. also supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. This tool also has solutions for podcasters and live streamers who want to repurpose their content. You can read my post about repurposing YouTube content to TikTok here or just get the tool here.

Repurpose YouTube videos and other content with Content creation tools for social media


You might also be interested in Dall-E, the artificial intelligence image generator. This is a remarkable content creator tool for when you need original images, and I used it to create the cat images for this post. This content creation tool is free, but you’ll get a limited number of creations. Pay more to get extra.


Other Tools and Products

For recommended products, in particular if you’re photographers and birdwatchers, check out my Amazon store.


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