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Eilat Is The Southernmost City in Israel

While the majority of cities and towns in Israel are located on the Mediterranean shore or relatively close to it, Eilat is located on the tip of the Red Sea. Here’s a map of Gulf of Eilat/Gulf of Aqaba (which also borders Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia):

The Red Sea is the world’s northernmost tropical sea, and has a variety of stunning marine life and corals. As such, it is a major target for divers. My lazy self is not a diver, though, even though I like to swim, so I really appreciate the existence of underwater observatories.

Enter The Underwater Observatory, or in its full name: Coral World Underwater Observatory.

Red Sea, photo taken from the Underwater Observatorty

But first, let’s say hello to a cute little sparrow:

A sparrow in the park of the underwater observatory in Eilat Israel

I think we gonna need a bigger boat:

The Underwater Observatory in Eilat, Israel. Red Sea shark.

The tower has a high vantage point (well, it’s a tower after all) but we skipped that part, and went directly underwater. Walking down the stairs, you get to see what lies beneath 6 meters of sea levels. It’s truly beautiful.

A bird on a chair. Eilat's Underwater Observatory, Israel

The View

Here’s a view of Aqaba on the opposite shore:

The view of Aqaba on the opposite shore . Red Sea photo taken from Eilat's underwater observatory.

Let’s Sum It Up

What can I see in the Underwater Observatory in Eilat, Israel?

1. The Underwater Observatory tower
2. Shark pool
3. Rare fish aquariums
4. Red Sea reef
5. Turtle pool
6. Creatures from the deep
7. Aquadome

Is the Underwater Observatory in Eilat worth a visit?

Yes, we had a very nice experience. The Underwater Observatory in Eilat is truly a must if you visit the city for the first time.

More Things to See in Eilat and Israel In General

  1. Botanical Garden Eilat.
  2. Birding Center Eilat.
  3. Maybe you’ll spot a boar in Haifa.

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