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What to Do in Eilat, Israel? Botanical Garden Eilat


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The botanical garden in Eilat is a relaxing green haven in the middle of the desert in Eilat, Israel. Here’s my video and some photos.

My Visit In Eilat, Israel

Wanna join me? Take a ride on my plane:

Great, now that we’re here, let’s go to Eilat.

A view of the Red Sea.

The Botanical Garden of Eilat

Another great feature of the botanical garden is the shade. Yes, it would still be hot if you visited at midday when it’s almost 40°C outside (about 104°F), like we did, but the trees make it way easier.

botanical garden of eilat photos
botanical garden of eilat photos

More Things To See In Eilat And Israel

  1. Eilat birding center.
  2. Eilat Underwater observatory.
  3. You might also see boars in Haifa.

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