Japanese garden Düsseldorf: A bee on a flower.

Düsseldorf Japanese Garden

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Where in Düsseldorf?

Bird Watching in the Garden

If you love bees and butterflies, you will not be disappointed, either. I, in fact, took most of my all-time favorite macro photos there. Here are some of them.

Nikon coolpix p950 birding photography

A bunny (you have no idea how happy I was when I spotted this bunny, and how excited I was to actually catch it on film):

Japanese Garden Düsseldorf photo:  A bunny.

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When to Visit the Japanese Garden?

My favorite time to visit the Japanese Garden Düsseldorf is the spring because spring aesthetic is the best, I think, at least when it comes to gardens.

After a walk in this beautiful tranquil garden, I usually love to change scenery and have a walk on the wilder side, on the shores of the Rhine, but this will be a topic for another post.

Just Show Me The Photos

Here is a collection of photos from the Japanese Garden Düsseldorf:

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