Birds of Lake como: Herring gull in Bellano

Birds Of Lake Como, Italy


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Let’s Get Ready!

Here are some relevant things you might need before going to Italy.

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Also, The Great Courses website has a 24 lecture course on learning Italian. You can check it out using this link.

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Hotels At Lake Como, Italy

If you’re looking for other hotels at Lake Como or in Italy in General, check out website.

Bird Watching In Lake Como

Ducks swimming in Lake Como

Here is my tiny gallery of the birds of Lake Como:

natrix maura swimming in Spain

Orrido di Bellano

If you stay in Bellano, Italy, you can take a ferry or a boat tour to other towns, such as Bellagio or Como, and have a day trip there. We, however, were so content with what the hotel and small town had to offer, so we stayed in Bellano the entire week. But even our lazy selves could not skip the highlight, named Orrido di Bellano. Luckily, it’s in town so we went there.

You can see it here:

Farewell to Lake Como

Sunset over lake Como, Italy

After a wonderful week with the birds of Bellano, we had a less-wonderful travel back home with one cancelled flight and a connection from Italy to Germany through France (like wtf?!) but it was still worth it.

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