Cute baby boars in Wildpark Düsseldorf.

Wildpark Düsseldorf

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Recently, I had a little break from my regular Düsseldorf nature walks and garden visits due to the Covid (I’m all well now, thanks!) so I could not get new wildlife photos and videos for the blog. Instead of getting bored and annoyed because I can’t go out birdwatching, I decided I should go back to some older material. Let’s start with Wildpark Düsseldorf Grafenberg, a beautiful wildlife park in Grafenberger Wald.

Here is a gorgeous European wildcat I saw there:

Wildcat in Wildpark Düsseldorf

When Should I Visit Wildpark Düsseldorf?

Wildpark Düsseldorf provides a different experience each season. In the winter, the forest surrounding it is chilly and foggy, offering some great opportunities for the nature photographer.

In the spring, you get to enjoy the beautiful bright colors of the pasture and its flowers, and meet all the new babies born in the park.

When it’s not too hot, summer days are always great for a stroll, and the fall—with its warm-colored leaves—offers another beautiful scenery for photographers.

Here are two cute little baby boars I filmed this spring:

Cute baby boars in Wildpark Düsseldorf. Grafenberger wald.

To sum it up, if you ever get to Düsseldorf and you love nature, Wildpark Grafenberger Wald is definitely worth a visit. Here are some photos to prove it:

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